Why do people volunteer in sport?

volunteering in sport

Did you know that over 6 million people volunteer in sport and physical activity every year?

Without the goodwill and efforts of these individuals, the majority of community sport and physical activity simply would not happen.

People’s reasons for volunteering in sport vary from person to person.

Some common reasons include:

  • A love of playing and/or watching sport
  • The chance to meet people and make new friends
  • The opportunity to use their professional skills to help their community
  • The chance to learn new skills
  • They enjoy the buzz and excitement of sporting events
  • They want to support something their children are involved in
  • They want to give something back to their community.

While lots of volunteers in sport get involved as participants first and then become volunteers, there are also volunteers who have no previous connections with sport or with the club or group they volunteer at.

Sports volunteering charity Join In did some research in 2014 that demonstrated sports volunteers get a boost to their happiness and wellbeing through their involvement.

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